The Worlds of Maddie Evans

Small towns can have big romances. From the snowy winters of Brighthead, Maine to the arid summers of Sweet Grove, Texas, you’ll find nature’s extremes have nothing on the human heart.

In her sweet romances, Maddie Evans explores the deep connections we forge with one another during the most difficult times of our lives. These strong relationships thrive in small towns, and for these couples, genuine caring turns into true love.

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Sweet Grove, Texas. Peter’s planning to enlist after he graduates. Casey’s just hitchhiked into town and plans to hitch back out again. But when they save a litter of abandoned puppies, this small town starts to become a lot more important to both of them.

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Brighthead, Maine. The running club is still reeling from the death of one of its founding members when it sets up a memorial 5K run. There’s healing in the running, but more important are the open hearts of the runners.

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Finally, you can check out some pictures of things that put me in mind of Brighthead and Sweet Grove (plus the occasional recipe) over at the micro-blog, Images of Brighthead.


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