The Brighthead Running Club Romances

“You’ve got to understand something,” Brandon’s father said one night after they’d dropped Kelty back at her house. “This is Maine, and it’s not a land that loves us being here. The snow and the ocean would swallow us up if we didn’t fight hard. We’re all in it together.”

“A Tease and a Trail Run,” Brighthead Book 2

The Brighthead Running Club has just survived the death of one of its founding members. This Northern Maine coastal town has dealt with tragedy before, but for the running club members, the blow is devastating. They decide to hold a 5K in Kelty’s honor, but that one choice sets in motion more than they ever expected it to.

A 5K and a Kiss

Aileen is still reeling from her sister's death when the Brighthead Running Club offers to a 5K race in her sister's honor. They promise running three miles will help her heal. Aileen's about to refuse when they offer to train her, "they" being Trey, a fun-loving guy with a cute smile...and a slight problem with being reliable.

A Tease and a Trail Run

A heartbroken Charlotte has just broken her engagement to a cheater. Charlotte’s childhood friend Brandon is still reeling from the death of Kelty, the only woman he ever loved. When tragedy strikes, Charlotte finds herself stuck in Brighthead while Brandon finds himself drawn once again into the orbit of a woman who’s very much off-limits.

Mischief and a Marathon

Cashman’s sworn never to run another race with Julie, but Julie’s just lost her marathon team. Surely it won’t be so bad to run one race together…? It’s just twenty-six miles. And the training. And a whole lot of irritation about what happened the last time they raced together. But the longer they work together, the more their respective pasts come to light, and Cashman can no longer deny there’s a lot more miles ahead than behind.

A Relay and a Reunion

Five years ago, Lucas broke Shelly’s heart—and their engagement. But after a life-changing motorcycle accident, he’s back in town. Shelly, still reeling from her best friend’s betrayal, can’t get past what Lucas did to her. But he’s got a second chance at life and at Shelly’s heart…and he’s not going to give it up.

Finish Lines and Forevermores

In the conclusion of the Brighthead Running Club Romances, Meg will do anything to win a better life for her daughter. She’s been warned away from Zack, who’s one year sober, but even though they know it’s a beautiful disaster, they keep coming together and finding they love the road together more than the road apart.